Sunshine matte Ballerina

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Nails To Heels
Standard 12 Nails
0.02 Kg
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Product Description

Shape: Square
Set: 12 nails
Color: Yellow
Make: Handpainted, Gel based
Reusable: Up to | 4 to 5 times (using gel glue stickers CLICK  here to buy glue tab); 2-3 times (using liquid glue CLICK here to purchase glue bottle)
Size | Set includes nails of ALL standard sizes; any 10 will fit you perfectly—no need to measure your nails.
Tip:  Nails can be REUSED many times simply using fresh glue stickers, We highly recommend purchasing extra glue with your order
Complementary: Each nail kit includes FREE – 1 sheet of gel glue stickers tabs and toolset (Cuticle pusher stick, alcohol wipe, and filer). We provide instructions note how to apply press-on nails and how to remove them.
Note: One sheet is useful for 1 application and gives you an average wear time of 2-3 days or more.
  • ~Long-Lasting Nails
  • ~Lightweight And Comfortable
  • ~Easy-To-Use Press On Nails
  • ~Everyday Use
  • ~Reusable
  • Get your nail extensions party done at home!
    Don't have time to go to the salon for a manicure? Get salon-like nail art at home with Nails to heels press-on nail kits. 
    Our nail kit features bright colors and multiple designs, and multiple to ensure a perfect fit for any nail. Whether you’re getting ready for an event or want a new look, our press-on nails are the perfect way to transform without the hassle. Best of all – they’re reusable!
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